What items are allowed in the show?

All items except XXX items, poses and furniture and of course the theme's VALENTINE - EARTH  - KIDS - BEACH - URBAN - HALLOWEEN

Do I have to create new items?

NO, you don't have to create any new items, but you can!

Where do I sign up to be part of the shows?

 Got to the page of the show you like to be part of. Fill in the GOOGLE form and we will contact you upon acceptance!

I am accepted what do I do?

When filling in the form you were given dates, mark those in your calendar and keep an eye on the notes and messages.

What is the deadline to give the pictures?

After filling in the document you were given dates, mark those in your calendar. You will also receive an infobox with in there all the necessary information.

Can I pay for all shows at once?

No, you can only sign up for each show when the forms are put open and need to pay in advance. 

When do i know who is going to present my items? When do I send my items to your models?

You will get a note and personal message with on that, the name of the model that will represent your brand on stage, the day of the show and the event flyer to send out to your customers.

I was too late to put the pictures in, do I get a refund?

No, we are very sorry. But you get a note and message when you are in the show with the date to put the pictures.

I have another question that is not answered here?

Contact Boniefacio inworld or through EMAIL rboniefacio@gmail.com. We will try to help you asap.