Fashion Men Woman

What items are allowed in the show?

All items except XXX items, poses, and furniture

Do I have to create new items?

NO, you don't have to create any new items. 

I only use the marketplace as a store, can I still be part of the show?

Yes, you can, in the tp hud we will put a link to your marketplace.

Where do I sign up to be part of the shows?

 Fill in the form: https://www.aimagency.net/fashion-men-women

I am accepted what do I do?

TP to the LM provided in the box

Pay the rental board 100 L$ Fee to join the event  of the 1000L$ Fee if you are a sponsor

Drag your store LOGO and LM in the rental box

Put your pictures for the show on notecard inside that same box before DUE DATE

How does it work if I did pay the fee?

Drag your STORE LOGO and LM in the rental box

Make a note with your  2(4) pictures of your items and drag it into your box

What is the deadline to put in the note with the pictures?

You can do that till the weekend before the show - if you are later we can not guarantee your items in the show

When do I pay for the show?

Soon as you did receive the acceptance hud!

When do I know who is going to present my items ? When do I send my items to your models?

You will get a note with on that, the name of the model that will represent your brand on stage, the day of the show and the event flyer to send out to your customers.

How does the audience know what items were in the show?

We will hand you a Logo that you can add in your store so customers find those items.

I would like to sponsor. What do I do? What do I get?

  1. Pay the 1000 L$ fee to the sponsor box.

  2. Send your advertisement for ModeLS magazine (size 2016 / 1315) to rboniefacio@gmail.com no later than the 10th of the month.

  3. VIP seating for 4 

  4. 4 items in the show

  5. LOGO on stage and shopping HUD

I was too late to put the pictures in, do I get a refund?

No, we are very sorry. But you get a note and message when you are in the show with the date to put the pictures.

I have another question that is not answered here?

Contact Boniefacio inworld or through EMAIL rboniefacio@gmail.com. We will try to help you asap.