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Amazing impressions modeling was founded in 2012 and is operated by the "creative soul",  Boniefacio along with the "heart" and co-owner, Essy Luv.  Aim not only employs selected top models from around the grid but will invite inspiring fashionistas.  Aim* creates production shows for a variety of clients ranging from designers to charity and sales events.  Aim* also produces several in-house themed annual productions.

It is no secret that the consumer experience has radically and forever changed in second life.  Designers are overwhelmed with events and bloggers have flooded the grid.  We, at aim, are committed to perfection and professionalism through the use of top models while giving new talent opportunities to grow.  Every production at aim is a unique experience based on the client's visions or our planned theme.


Our main priority has always been to promote success for your business. Whether you are looking to introduce a new design line to buyers or you wanting to set the style trends of tomorrow you will find aim can offer you the realization through your participation in one of our themed shows or with an exclusive full show of your own.  Yes, we absolutely can provide quality and professional models to meet your needs in baby, child or tweenster fashions also.


We believe, support and sit
at the heart of fashion!!

If fashion changes, we are the first to show it!

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