Why choise for AIM?

* At AIM we give each brand the chance to choise one model that is not part of AIM agency to represent the brand. So if you have a muse, storemanager, Miss or Mister of your brand, you can ask that person to be in the show ... 

* We work according to the budget of you and are available to talk about it.

* We make sure our models are checked before each show to represent your brand the best.

* We make sure the show is ready to rock and advertised in several groups.

* After the show we will contact you to ask for a review and send you the link to the pictures and video.

* We always do an afterparty !

* We also provide for KIDS AVATARS !

PLATINUM PACKAGE          4.000 L$              

       ★ Big Logo on the invite and next to the stage

★ 8 designs in the show AND at the landing spot 

★ 50 prims for a vendor spot

★ VIP invite and seating for 6

★ Logo with SLURL on the front page of the website AIM 

★ Name mentioned at the end of the year show

★ Double page Advertisement for 2 editions (worth 5000L$

★ SLURL GUIDE in ModeLS magazine for one year (worth 3000L$)

★ Designers spotlight in ModeLS Magazine (worth 2000L$)

GOLD PACKAGE          3.000 L$              

★ small Logo on the invite             

★ 6 designs in the show  AND at the landing spot    

★ 25 prims for a vendor spot     

★ VIP invite and seating for 4 

★ small Logo with SLURL on the front page of website AIM 

★ Single page advertisement  for 2 editions (worth 1500L$)     

SILVER PACKAGE        1.000L$              

★ 4 designs in the show and at the landing spot

★ 10 prims for a vendor spot

★ VIP invite and seating for 2

              ★ 2 designs