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23 MAY - 5 JUNE

AIM agency is supporting the CHARITY for GREYHOUNDS IN NOOD BELGIUM. 

Since 1996 GINB has started an adoption program for these unlucky Spanish greyhounds or "galgo español" that are the victims of cruel traditions.  The organization “VZW Greyhounds in Nood Belgium” was the first organization in Belgium and the European continent that worried about the suffering of the Spanish greyhounds. 

GINB is a worldwide recognized and respected organization who was the first organization who made the problem of the Spanish greyhounds knowable in Belgium.  Of the horrible Spanish secret the tragedy became a worldwide scandal and the Spanish could not anymore dispose unnoticed of the fate of the greyhounds that were not left alone anymore thanks to GINB.  The problem is far from being solved yet but we will continue to do everything possible to improve the fate of the Spanish greyhounds.



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